Remember after than one terrorist attack last year when a crowd of people spontaneously broke into a song called "Don't Look Back in Anger" by the band Oasis. No fucking way in hell that a bunch of strangers would start singing some semi-obscure track from fucking Oasis. Those dudes were nothing but a one half-hit wonder at best.

I'm 28 and I'd never even heard that song before in my life, and didn't even realize that they were the Wonderwall meme band until recently. I literally had to look them up and still was unfamiliar with them. Yet people all over 4chan (aka psyop shills) act like they were supposedly incredibly popular and super well-known back in the day. Apparently they were supposed to have had success even in America, yet I never even knew they existed outside of Wonderwall until that event. I even checked out the Wonderwall video too and there was blatant MKULTRA imagery in it.

I did more digging and found out they were linked to Tony Blair who worked with George Bush on numerous false flag terrorist operations including 9/11 and 7/7. What's more, other people have come out on record saying that this band and others like them had falsified critical acclaim and inflated sales/reputation in order to brainwash the masses. Kevin Shields, one former member of these youth Brit Pop "bands" (aka political brands) and on one of the biggest Brit Pop record labels came out and said it was a government conspiracy a few years ago. These bands have also been affiliated with the members of U2 and Coldplay, Bono and Chris Martin are known globalists. They were simply buffers so they could be used as anthems for false flag terrorist attacks, socially engineering meant to convince people to accept their circumstances as the new normal, without retaliation. That's the end result of the programming: a complicit, docile people.