You know what continually gets me? The fact that we unironically live in some kind of futuristic, Orwellian police state cyberpunk setting. We don't have hoverboards and jet packs, but literally everything else is there. We've got telescreens, and we carry them in our pockets. We have Big Brother and our own Emmanuel Goldsteins. We have our soma and our porn and our lotteries. We have our Two Minutes Hate. We've got the flying cameras from "They Live." We have mass-brainwashing through propaganda and chemical means. Millions upon millions of people plug into artificial, virtual worlds daily and live there. We really are just a bunch of brainwashed slaves living in these massive, computerized, polluted dystopian metropolises. The food is artificial. Every facet of government has some X-files conspiracy behind it. Everybody's been drugged. We have killer robots. The big civil rights battle is for people surgically and chemically transforming themselves. They're unironically chipping people. They censor everything. We even have the cyberpunk music/culture thing going on as music gets more and more electronic and people's appearances get more and more bizarre and unnatural. And you know what REALLY gets me about that? 4chan. Anon. There is unironically, ACTUALLY some massive, anonymous, semi-underground group of "hackers on steroids," or "internet trolls" or whatever you want to call them, and they're actually fighting the Shadow Government against the backdrop I outlined above. We ACTUALLY live in some post-apocalyptic cyberpunk universe, and this dumb anime website I found when I was 14, that I've wasted over a decade of my life on, wound up being one of the central pieces in the story. Largely with pranks. I'm shocked not at how outlandish the whole thing seems, but that this is EXACTLY how you'd write it playing out if you were given the script's outline.